Create a QR Code for your Precious Pets

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If you are a pet owner, I’m sure you will love the idea of having a Pet Identification Tag that you won’t need to change when your contact information changes. The best way I have found is a QR Code inscribed (or engraved) on an Origami Owl Custom Jewelry In(script)ion piece.

A graphic with an element that’s a QR code and says scan me. There’s origami owl inscription pendants in different metal colors

Have you ever had your pet go missing? We have and it’s a very scary feeling! Luckily, each time we lost one of the dogs they had their collar on with our contact information on a standard aluminum dog tag. If you happen to change your address or phone number, the Pet Identification Tag they’re wearing becomes obsolete.

Origami Owl In(script)ions

Origami Owl’s  In(script)ion Collection allows you to personalize your creations with names, quotes and dates that are meaningful to you.  What can be more meaningful than a personalized and customized Pet Identification Tag for your furry family member.

I want to introduce you to my two precious furry family members, Kensi and Marty. They are both Husky mix and are both rescues. We’ve had Kensi since 2017 and Marty since 2021.

2 husky mix dogs on the back of a sofa with a yellow maple tree in the background

This collection includes:

  • Mini Tags
  • Heart Pendants
  • Small Tags
  • Dog Bone Tags
  • Men’s Brushed Tag

They are custom-inscribed by You! Most people use the Inscriptions to inscribe some of the following:

  • Special date (Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations)
  • Grandchildren’s names
  • Coordinates of a meaningful location
  • Names or Initials
  • A person’s handwriting
  • An image of people or pets
  • A QR Code with a link to information for personal or business 
  • A QR Code to create a link for your Digital Pet Identification Tag
A blue background with 3 inscription dog tags on chains

Many times if someone finds a pet wearing an identification tag, they will contact the number on the tag. What if:

  • You are on vacation?
  • You are at your place of employment?
  • Your ringer is off?
  • You are in a meeting?
  • You are traveling and your phone is in airplane mode?
  • You are out of the country and your cellular phone does not work?
  • You are at a concert or a sports game or many other places? 
White background with 3 silver dog bone inscription tags with chains

There are so many reasons you may not be able to answer your cellular phone if someone who has found your pet is trying to reach you. Would you prefer a solution to have the protection you need for your pet? Wouldn’t a Digital Pet Identification Tag make you feel more secure?

As mentioned, Origami Owl Custom Jewelry, has the means to inscribe a QR Code that you create on an In(script)ion pendant or tag! You can create a QR Code on multiple platforms and a few are:

  • On an iPhone or iPad
  • A Link Extender
  • QR Code Generator
A pick background with a dog tag and QR code

iPhone Steps to create a QR Code

You can generate a QR Code on your iPhone or iPad using a pre-loaded app

  • Select ‘Shortcuts’ app
  • Click ‘Make QR Code’
  • Select ‘Add Contact’
  • Select contact from your list of contacts 
  • QR Code is generated
  • Select arrow on bottom left corner of QR code
  • Save image
A dark blue image with a QR code

There are several Link Extenders available for FREE! I’m aware of and I’m most familiar with so I can offer the steps to easily create a QR Code. Steps

  • Create a free account at
  • Add a link and create a landing page for each person
  • Add multiple contact names and phone numbers
  • Add addresses if desired
  • Drop and drag contact name in the order you prefer
  • Click three (3) dots in top right 
  • Generate QR Code and save
  • Upload QR Code on selected In(script)ion product

The brilliant thing about a landing page is you can revise and edit it anytime! For starters, you can update it if you are away or your pet is staying with friends, family or a boarding service. All you’ll need to do is turn off your normal links and activate the temporary link.

An image of a cellular phone on the left with a gold heart and a QR code on it. On the right it says inscriptions and QR code

Code Generator Steps to create a QR Code

  • Connect to
  • Create an account
  • Select ‘Create QR Code’
  • You have the option to create a QR Code for a ‘Contact’
  • Enter your Contact Details 
  • Select ‘My Awesome Code’
  • Rename your Code, enter a title, select rename
  • On the left hand side, select ‘My QR Codes’
  • Click the three (3) dots on the right side and download your QR Code
  • Name the file and select PNG, then download
  • Click the down arrow top right
  • Click on the QR Code image you generated 
  • Click the up arrow and save your QR Code to your device 
  • Click done
 A blue image with a white square and black QR code

Now you’re ready to upload your QR Code to the In(script)ions product that you have chosen to upload your new QR Code. You get to create a unique customized and personalized item for your furry family member(s). Of course, I’m available to help you to create your QR Code and your In(script)ion.

Please continue to read more about my purpose and journey.

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