The Ultimate Guide of Incredible Jewelry Care Tips with Origami Owl

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Origami Owl Custom Jewelry has been around for 11+ years! The company started with the dreams of a 14-year girl who wanted to earn enough money to buy a car. She created Living Lockets which are still the staple brand of Origami Owl Custom Jewelry even though we have added many more meaningful, personalized accessories to the Origami Owl brand.

As with anything, the better you take care of your possessions, the longer they will last so here are some incredible Jewelry Care Tips with Origami Owl just for you!

Incredible Jewelry care tips with Origami Owl

1. Incredible Jewelry Care Tips with Origami Owl for Closing a Living Locket

This gem of a TIP is crucial! I learned the hard way! Not once, but twice!! This tip is helpful so that you’re not on your hands and knees looking for charms and European Stardust Crystals!

With your movement throughout a day, your Twist Living Locket shifts around your body and it may loosen slightly so ensure to tighten with a gentle twist whenever you wear it.

Don’t be like me! I wasn’t tightening mine and lost charms, stardust and cracked the glass of a Living Locket face!!! Now, I recommend that you get in the habit of tightening your Living Lockets when you put them on and when you remove them.

It’s very important to double check your Living Locket when you twist the face and bale together to ensure that it’s not cross-threaded.  Inspect it to ensure it has a even flow all around.

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2. Incredible Jewelry Care Tips for the glass of your Living Locket

Your Origami Owl Twist Living Locket has a glass face and most of them have a glass base. I would suggest that you don’t apply a great deal of pressure when opening or closing your Living Locket as you may break the glass!!

Place the Living Locket in the palm of your hand and gently twist the two pieces together.

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3. Incredible Jewelry Care Tips with Origami Owl for your Living Lockets (Twist or Hinged)

If you have a Living Locket with a stationery bale, please don’t hold the bale to tighten or open your Living Locket as you can detach the bale from the Living Locket.

If this happens, it is beyond repair and you will need to replace the Living Locket base if it’s a Twist Locket.

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4. Incredible Jewelry Care Tips for Cleaning your Origami Owl Jewelry

A good portion of a chain touches our neck area, and our bodies naturally produce oils. As a result, there can be a buildup of these natural oils on your chain. The same applies if you use body lotion, it can build up on a chain throughout the day, so your chain needs to be wiped clean with a polishing cloth.

And of course, our environment can cause dust particles to build up on your chain as well! It may take a few days to get used to cleaning your chain but you will quickly get in the habit. 

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5. Incredible Jewelry Care Tips for Makeup, Skin & Hair Care for our Origami Owl Jewelry

You should ensure that your skincare products, makeup and hair products are absorbed in your skin before putting on your jewelry. Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off at night.

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6. Incredible Jewelry Care Tips for Longevity of our Origami Owl Jewelry

Our bodies naturally produce perspiration during sleep, exercise, and workouts. The perspiration can attach to your jewelry so it’s best to remove it beforehand to protect the metals and life span of your jewelry.

It is also ideal to remove jewelry before you have massage, chiropractor, physiotherapy, or any type of treatment as many of these practitioners will use lotions, creams and gels and they could ruin your jewelry.

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7. Incredible Jewelry Care Tips for Jewelry Storage for your Origami Owl Jewelry

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry should be stored and protected from sunlight and temperature changes. A Jewelry Box with compartments is ideal but there’s many other options available.

We’ve all heard we shouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes everyday so that they can breathe, your Origami Owl jewelry should be the same to ensure longevity and beautification of all your jewelry collection. Origami Owl Custom Jewelry deserves to be treated like a treasure to preserve its brilliance and sparkle! 

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