You Shouldn’t use a Thick Wallet for Painful Reasons

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If you’re like most people, especially men, you carry your wallet in the back pocket of your pants. Do you know there is a huge cost to sitting on your wallet all the time? You shouldn’t use a thick wallet for many reasons and here are a few of the reasons.

Health Risk Reasons You Shouldn’t use a Thick Wallet

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Sometimes we don’t even realize it’s in our back pocket until it starts to hurt. We all made the mistake of putting our wallet in our back pocket and it can cause significant problems for you. When you put your wallet in your back pocket, it can pose serious health risks.

When you sit on your thick wallet, you are tilting your pelvis to one side which can cause your lower back to round instead of sitting upright. This can cause stress to be put on your spine as your spine has to compensate for the pelvic imbalance.

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Your wallet can damage your posture and your sciatic nerve which runs down the back of your leg. Because of this bad habit of carrying your wallet in your back pocket, you could cause long term pain and problems with your spine, neck and lower back.

You can also be putting your hips and knees at risk for injury because a wallet will disturb the natural curves of your legs.

Not Really Serious Reasons You Shouldn’t use a Thick Wallet

A not so serious problem when you have a wallet in your back pocket is your pants will fade and the imprint of the wallet will be in your pants. The rubbing motion of your wallet as you move causes the friction to fade and wear your pants.

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More seriously, this friction can also cause rashes on your skin and it may cause irritation and inflammation. Because you carry your wallet in your back pocket it increases the weight on that side of your body and can lead to constant, painful issues with your body. A wallet in your back pocket can also lead to spinal degeneration because the weight of the wallet on one side of your spine can lead to pressure on some of your nerves that can cause a lot of health issues.

Another reason that you shouldn’t carry your wallet in your back pocket is it’s easier for someone to pickpocket your wallet and you may not even realize it’s gone. As you are moving about your day, such as climbing stairs or other activities you can where the material of your wallet.

A Solution for You so that You Can Carry a Thick Wallet

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The good news is I have the solution for you, ‘The Undivided Wallet’ from Think Goodness that will save you many health issues of carrying your wallet in your back pocket. This wallet was founded by Rajiv Patel, an entrepreneur who gives back to his community.

The Undivided Wallet was designed with performance and to fit your lifestyle. Most of all, The Undivided Wallet is Ultra Slim!!!  Because of its slimness, the problems of health issues will be solved.

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The Undivided Wallet will relieve the problem of a thick wallet in your back pocket thus keeping your spine, neck, hips and knees in balance. Another amazing feature about ‘The Undivided Wallet’ is it has a sleek zipper design along with RFID protection. The Undivided Wallet is available in five colors:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Tan
  • Navy
  • Olive

Why not get yours today so that the shouldn’t use a thick wallet becomes a you should carry an ultra-slim ‘The Undivided Wallet. I would love for you to prevent issues and health risks with your spine, neck, hips and legs.

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