What is Think Goodness?

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What is Think Goodness you ask?  I’m so happy you asked so I can tell you all about it. 

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How Think Goodness Started!

Think Goodness is a Brand Collective of four (4) pillar brands that launched in October 2021: Origami Owl Custom Jewelery, Willing Beauty Skincare, CMYK Cosmetics and Intuitiv Wellness (currently not available in Canada).

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It all began with the dreams of a 14 year old girl, Bella Weems who wanted a car for her 16th birthday.  She created Origami Owl Custom Jewelery, over ten (10) years ago. As it grew, she was supported by her Mom, Chrissy Weems and two other founders joined them on the Origami Owl Journey; Shawn Maxwell and Tyson Basha.

Then a few years later, along came Willa and her Mom, Christy with clean, better for you skincare products and Willing Beauty Skincare became a part of our ’Origami Owl Family of Brands’. 

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Origami Owl Custom Jewelry and Willing Beauty Skincare, together with our other two (2) brands CMYK Cosmetics and Intuitiv Wellness launched in October 2021 as our four (4) pillar brands to create the beginning of Think Goodness. These four brands are all under one umbrella as a Brand Collective so to speak to offer you the best goods, by the best brands in one convenient place.

You can trust that all our products for every brand will make you feel good, inside and out!  The goal of Think Goodness is to bring you so much more good in a variety of categories for the entire family! Here’s a little description about each of our magnificent brands. 

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Origami Owl Custom Jewelry

Origami Owl is all about connecting you with the moments in your life that matter the most to you. We love to capture your story in our Living Lockets which is the product that was the foundation of Origami Owl. Our Living Lockets can be personalized for you or anyone you choose.

As I mentioned, Origami Owl is the original pillar brand of Think Goodness! For over 10 years, Origami Owl Custom Jewelery along with our meaningful Living Lockets has created hand-painted charms, Inscription collection, Empowerment pieces and many other customizable, inspirational accessories that help to tell your story!

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Willing Beauty Skincare

Willing Beauty has amazing skincare products that use skin friendly, super-resilient natural ingredients that are good for all skin types. All of our products are clean and safe for your skin. Our Regimens along with all our products will nourish and moisturize your skin.

Most of our products contain our HY+5 Complex which hydrates and increases water content of skin! We’ve recently launched a body care line.

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CMYK Cosmetics

Another pillar brand is CMYK Cosmetics which was founded by a co-founder of Origami Owl, Chrissy Weems and Annette McEvoy who brought her beauty industry experience to CMYK and together they have created clean, safe, better for you cosmetic products.

We are the first company to use blue light technology in our eye shadow palettes to protect your eyes from electronics and certain lights. At CMYK Cosmetics, we believe that makeup doesn’t have to be complicated!

Both Willing Beauty and CMYK Cosmetics go above and beyond, complying with strict European standards, banning over 1,300 ingredients that are clinically shown to be toxic or potentially harmful to your health.

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Intuitiv Wellness

Our last pillar brand is Intuitiv Wellness (not yet available in Canada) founded by Dr. Jason Kolber (aka Dr. J) who has created formulations to balance the body. His supplements have plant based ingredients and have been scientifically backed to help build a happier, healthier you.

Currently, Think Goodness has 2 feature brands which are ‘Spirit Stacks’, nine (9) stretch bracelets with positive affirmations that were created by Reese Reinhart when she was 10 years old. Our other featured brand is ‘The Undivided Wallet’ is slim, sleek and has RFID protection which was founded by entrepreneur, Rajiv Patel.

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Force for Good!

Origami Owl’s mission has always been to be a Force for Good and Think Goodness was founded on the vision to be a Global Force for Good! Our mission is to inspire a good life through good-for-you brands and doing good for others. A little goodness goes a long way, don’t you think?

We want to have a lot more kindness and a lot more goodness. Personally, I think we should all be good, feel good and do good each and every day! I believe there is always good in each day!

I can’t wait for the world to see Think Goodness bringing more fun, more kindness, more goodness and more love to guide this world to have a little more sparkle and a little more radiance! We should always strive to do good daily! Spread kindness everywhere you go! We need to always focus on the good and try to do good daily!

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Unique Goodness of Think Goodness

Giving Goodness Foundation – we are on a mission to be a Force for Good and spread goodness wherever we can. I attended our Annual Convention in July 2022 and we had a Day of Goodness. I went to St. Mary’s Foodbank in Phoenix, AZ and we packed over 3,600 boxes of food for the needy. It was such a heartwarming experience and my favorite event of Convention.

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Purpose Partner Brand Ambassador – join our community and you will have immediate access to a 25% personal discount on all you purchases and so much more. Read more Here about our generous offer.

Apply as a Brand – If you are a small business entrepreneur, innovator, or creator who feels like you meet our standards, Think Goodness wants to hear from you.

Loyalty Rewards Program – we have many ways to earn points to redeem for discounts or free products. 

Referral Program – you, our customer can refer-a-friend and give them a discount and once they purchase, you will receive a discount code for your next purchase.

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Don’t these sound like amazing benefits? Think Goodness just celebrated its 1st birthday on October 5th and we will be here to make the world a lot more Good!

I hope I gave you the opportunity to learn more about Think Goodness products and its our vision to be here to make the world a lot more good.

My motto is “Never dull your Sparkle! Spread light, love and kindness! Remember, Goodness is Love in Action!”

At, Think Goodness, our Vision Statement is to be a ‘GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD’. We want to deliver random acts of goodness that bring joy and happiness to people.  Every order equals a random Act of Goodness!

I’d love to stay in touch with you! Click below so we can connect and learn more about each other!