Best-selling Collectors’ Club at Origami Owl

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Our best-selling ‘Collectors’ Club’ at Origami Owl has a recurring monthly subscription program that is designed for you! If you are familiar with Origami Owl Custom Jewelry, then you recognize our charms. It’s so fun and entertaining to receive surprise Happy Mail monthly.

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Best-selling Collectors’ Club

Everyone loves Origami Owl Custom Jewelry Charms! Our Charms are lead-free, and they are hand-painted by skilled artisans which makes them so unique.

As you know, Origami Owl Jewelry is customizable, personalized jewelry that you create from start to finish depending on the story you want to share. Add your Origami Owl Charms to your Living Locket so that it is personal for you.

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Best-selling Collectors’ Club is a Subscription

Origami Owl’s ‘Charm Collectors’ Club’ Subscription is available to join at anytime. Our monthly subscription is entirely exclusive, limited, mystery charms which are themed each month to celebrate your favorite seasons, holidays and so much more!

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Best-selling Collectors’ Club Perks!

If you choose to join the best-selling Collectors’ Club at Origami Owl, your order is eligible for Free Standard Shipping! There are two (2) Limited Edition, exclusive, not available for purchase any other way Origami Owl Charms every month. And there’s more if you choose to subscribe to our Charm Collectors’ Club that includes:

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  1. A one-time welcome gift of my favorite earrings and favorite Austrian crystal color, our best-selling Clara Stud Earrings with Aurora Borealis Crystals.
  2. The Origami Owl Collectors’ Club Subscription Program also includes exclusive add-ons during your enrollment at discounted prices.
  3. Sometimes, there will even be random surprise drop-ins you’re your order and fun gifts.
  4. Set up your OMG! Rewards account today and subscribe to the ‘Collector’s Club’ Program. Once you do, you’ll receive twenty-five (25) additional points on your first subscription, then another twenty-five (25) points on your 3rd consecutive subscription order. Learn more information about our OMG! Rewards Program here!
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Best-selling Collectors’ Club has Free Shipping!

All you need to do to ensure you receive your exclusive charms is join our Origami Owl ‘Collectors’ Club’ Program by the 25th of the month and your surprise, exclusive charms will be shipped between the 1st  – 10th of every month!

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There is absolutely no questions asked if you want to skip, pause or cancel as long as you complete the request before the 25th of the month so your credit card won’t be automatically charged on the 28th.

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If you’re like me, all we receive in the mail every day are bills, flyers and junk mail. It’s not too often we receive something that’s fun and exciting.

It’s such a treat each month to receive your Best-selling Collectors’ Club Happy Mail! You can get lost for hours changing or adding charms to your Living Locket. Over time, you will have have collected plenty of charms for seasons and occasions.

It’s so good for your soul to tell your story with charms that you have received in Origami Owl’s Best-selling Collectors’. Such a cheerful package to open each month when your special Happy Mail arrives from Origami Owl.

The cost per month is $20.50 CAD/$15 USD plus applicable taxes.
Don’t forget, that includes free shipping! Join our hassle free Collectors’ Club today and enjoy a great monthly surprise!

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