A Journey to a Meaningful Purpose and Growth!

an aqua origami owl back with colleen holding a sign in a printed dress. the sign shows because of you we donated over $5 million dollars

Hello!!! My name is Colleen Evans and this is my story for a journey to a meaningful purpose and growth for me!  In early 2017, I retired from a 38 year accounting career. I became a designer with Origami Owl Custom Jewelry in mid-2016!

My daughter gave me the Living Locket shown below for Mother’s Day in 2016 (I have updated the chain in recent years) and not long after i enrolled as a designer. This Living Locket made me fall in love with the jewelry and all its empowering choices to tell my story. I tend to keep my personalized Living Lockets that are part of my story as is, and don’t change my locket contents. So the above Living Locket remains the same today as when my daughter gifted it to me.

Image of a rose gold round Living Locket with crystals. Inside the locket is a love plate, 2 rose gold heart charms and 1 silver heart charm. This living Locket was the beginning of a Journey to a meaningful purpose and growth

Prior to becoming Think Goodness, the real heart of Origami Owl was our Live Sparkly Program which donated over five (5) million dollars to families in need. This was all the inspiration I needed to continue my journey with Origami Owl so that i could do my part as an ambassador to be a Force for Good.

A Meaningful Purpose

Most of all, Origami Owl and my Living Locket made me fall in love with our mission to be a FORCE FOR GOOD!! I joined for the discount on our amazing jewelry but it’s not my reason that I’m still with the company. In October 2021, Origami Owl became one of the Brand Collective’s as part of Think Goodness!

I absolutely love this company, it’s founders and its core values.  Especially in today’s world, we need to inspire, love, motivate and spread kindness!! Together, we want to spread love, kindness, peace and understanding! I want a meaningful purpose while serving my community.

The Vision Statement of Think Goodness is to be a GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD, and now our Mission is to inspire a good life – through good-for-you products, and doing good for others. Every Order = A Random Act of Goodness through our Giving Goodness Foundation! We want to deliver random acts of goodness that will bring joy and happiness to people.

In July 2022, I had the honor of participating in a Day of Goodness in Phoenix, AZ at St. Mary’s Food Bank. Our Giving Goodness Foundation purchased all the food and we packed over 3,000 boxes of food for the needy in the area. This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, such a heartwarming and uplifting day. It was definitely my favorite activity of our convention.

A picture of Colleen Evans standing in front of St. Mary’s Food Bank in Phoenix, Arizona. Think Goodness founders and purpose partners were there for a day of goodness packing food hampers. This day was a part of a journey to a meaningful purpose and growth

Origami Owl has helped tell my story through customizable, meaningful, empowering jewelry. When Willing Beauty Skincare and CMYK Cosmetics were added as pillar brands to Think Goodness, my vision for a healthier, clean journey for my life had begun and I knew I wanted to share it. With everything in our world today, I knew I wanted clean, safe products to use.

A Meaningful Purpose and Growth

Personally, as a Purpose Partner, I love to have fundraisers and donate to many organizations in our Community!!  I recently hosted fundraisers for our local food bank and SPCA. I’ve donated to many local non-profit and school organizations to assist them with their fundraising activities. All the Goodness in my life over the past 6+ years has has brought out the good in me and helped make me a kinder, compassionate woman and the reason I’m so passionate about helping others and being my best self.

We’re not just about sharing Good for You Brands – its about helping others! I love to BOOM people as a Random Act of Goodness! I give a BOOM card with a small gift to brighten someone’s day and make this world a little better, one BOOM card, one act of goodness at a time.

Think Goodness boom cards are a way for us to create a ripple effect of good

Think Goodness is all about connecting REAL WOMEN with the moments that matter the most and capturing REAL STORIES with clean, safe, meaningful products.

My motto is “Never Dull your Sparkle! Spread light, love and kindness! Remember Goodness is Love in Action” 

I’d love to stay in touch with you! Please do me the privilege to serve you and provide you with more value by joining my email list and receiving my gift to you. Thank you!

At, Think Goodness, our Vision Statement is to be a ‘GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD’. We want to deliver random acts of goodness that bring joy and happiness to people.  Every order equals a random Act of Goodness!

Mission statement of think goodness
veribage that says until next time, stay safe and be kind. Colleen