Would you like a Beyond Blush that is Good for Your Face?

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If you’re like me, blush is probably a part of your daily makeup routine. Blush is one of the makeup products that I must wear (plus lip gloss and earrings) every day. I love the silky feel of CMYK Cosmetics Beyond Blush as it is beyond good for your skin and it gives you a glowing complexion.

Most days, I usually wear primer, mascara and eye shadow too.  But the days I might be in a hurry or not in the mood – blush and lip gloss are a must. After my morning skincare routine, I apply my makeup. It has become a huge benefit of my self-care routine. It makes me start my day (as a homebody) with a smile.

A little history about Blush!

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Powder blushes started with the ancient Egyptians who used ground red orche (a natural pigment), mixed it with fat and it created a red tint that women applied to the apples of their cheeks and lips. It was created as a makeup product to hide a pale, sickly appearance, define cheek bones and give them a youthful appearance. Blush has certainly evolved since those days.

Originally blush was made with toxic ingredients but as we became more industrialized, blush became safer for us to use. Beauty Companies started to use more natural ingredients. The use of blush has changed from highlighting the apples of your face and is used for shaping and contouring your face.

Along comes CMYK Cosmetics Beyond Blush

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Blush is a perfect product to add a subtle natural color to your cheeks. CMYK Cosmetics Beyond Blush is clean, better for you and very safe for your skin. Our CMYK Cosmetics formula has hydrating ingredients and is available in two shades:

  • Radiant – a soft coral peach
  • Flushed – a beige pink sheer tone.
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Beyond Blush has fine particles that won’t clog your pores as it has a hydrating effect that keeps your blush fresh throughout the day. CMYK Cosmetics Beyond Blush’s ingredients include a specialty blend of ultra fine pigments that stays put and it will give you a silky feel all day long.

Safe, Key Ingredients of CMYK Cosmetics Beyond Blush

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  • Phytosqualane – is a vegetal derived emollient that prevents moisture loss. It helps to improve hydration so that the powder doesn’t collect in your pores.
  • Bismuth Oxychloride – a very special effect pigment that provides your skin with a silky feel and excellent skin adhesion for long wear. Also, this ingredient reflects light away from your skin which helps to camouflage wrinkles.
  • Perlite Powder – is a naturally derived mineral powder that absorbs the oil on your face without hindering your skin’s breathing ability and without clogging your pores.
  • Squalane – infused in our blush to make it a moisture-rich formula doesn’t cause fine lines and keeps your skin hydrated without clogging your pores. Bonus: Squalane ensures your makeup stays put for the whole day.

Beyond Blush shades can be applied very lightly all over your face for a natural glow. Our CMYK Cosmetic Products are cleaner than Sephora standards and do not contain ingredients that have been clinically shown to be toxic, carcinogenic or potentially harmful to your health.

I have a detailed list of ingredients that are potentially harmful to your health if you would like to read it, just click the button below.

Summary of products to avoid with images of no pegs, Dea free, no mineral oil, sulfate free, no synthetic fragrance, PARABEN FREE, PHTHALATES FREE, no retinol

A Beyond Blush Brush to Elevate your Application

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CMYK Cosmetics’ founders decided that our Beyond Blush Powder deserved a Beyond Blush Brush for perfect application. This Blush Brush is made of 100% synthetic fibers, it is ultra fine and ultra soft to swipe the right amount of cheek color for you.  It is the perfect brush to use with our Beyond Blush to give your cheeks the glow you deserve. Blush and all makeup can definitely be a part of your self-care and self-love that you deserve.

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