How to Prevent and Treat Dry Chapped Lips with 4 Healthy Beauty Products

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If you are like me, dry chapped lips are quite a common occurrence that many of us deal with, especially during the winter months. The skin on our lips is very delicate and they can be susceptible to harsh weather conditions, dehydration, and other environmental factors that dry them.

Healthy Care for Dry Chapped Lips

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With proper care of your lips along with the use of nourishing products, it is possible to keep your lips soft, supple, and healthy. Let us start with the causes of your dry chapped lips and learn a few efficient tips on prevention, as well as recommend some healthy products to soothe and restore your lips.

Causes of Dry Chapped Lips

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Before we explore the prevention and treatment of dry chapped lips, it is imperative you understand the common causes or dry, chapped lips:

  1. Dehydration.
  2. Exposure to cold and windy weather.
  3. Over-exposure to sun
  4. Dry air, low humidity.
  5. Excessive licking of the lips
  6. The use of harsh and/or toxic lip products.
  7. Certain medical conditions and medications.

It is critical you identify the root cause of your dry chapped lips so that you can effectively address your lip issues with the appropriate care.

Tips to Prevent Dry Chapped Lips

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  1. Hydration is Key: Your lips do not have oil glands and as a result you need to keep them hydrated. You need to drink plenty of water throughout each day. Water helps to maintain the health of your skin, including your lips. Your body loses water all day long so you need to constantly  replenish your water.
  2. Protective Measures: During cold or windy weather, use face protection such as a scarf to shield your lips from extreme weather conditions. This protection helps to prevent moisture loss as it creates a barrier.
  3. SPF for Protection: If you are spending time in the sun, your delicate lips can easily dry out, peel and get inflamed. A healthy SPF lip product can help to restore moisturization to your lips.
  4. Exposure to Dry Air: If you live in an area that has dry air or low humidity, your lips are prone to be dry due to weather conditions beyond your control. If you find that the air around you is dry, a humidifier could assist you.
  5. Avoid Licking Your Lips: Licking your lips seems like it may relieve the lack of hydration but it can worsen the problem. Saliva evaporates quickly on your lips and dries them out faster. Try and break yourself of the habit of licking your lips to promote healing.
  6. Attention to Ingredients: Some products, including lip products have ingredients that dry out your lips like parabens, eucalyptus and menthol. It is imperative to check the ingredients of the products you purchase.
  7. Be Informed of Medications and Medical Conditions: Unfortunately, some medications and medical conditions can cause dry, peeling lips. You would need to use a clean lip product often (excessively) to keep your lips hydrated.

Here’s some additional Tips to keep your Lips Healthy Everyday!

Healthy Products for Dry Chapped Lips

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  • Hydrating Lip Oils: Look for lip oils with clean, effective ingredients such as fatty acids (Avocado, Marula and Argan Oils) that nourish your lips and provide the protective moisture barrier your lips require. I recommend:
A light pink image with with an oval image of willing beauty’s coconut lip oil with the words willing beauty’s lip oils: Argan oil, Marula oil and avocado oil

Willing Beauty’s XO Lip Oils which are a transparent blend of botanical oils in Coconut, Vanilla Bean, Sugar Plum and Strawberries + Cream Lip Oils in natural scents.

  • Lip Treatments: Treat your lips to a regular, gentle healing lip treatment that is a balmy salve containing butters, oils and extracts that can help relieve your dry lips to lock in moisture. I recommend:
A light and medium pink image with a round circle and a picture of willing beauty lip lock healing treatment. The description says benefits of lip lock: locks in moisture, soothes lips and 19 natural butters

Willing Beauty’s Lip Lock Healing Lip Treatment that has a Coconut Rose scent. A few of the key ingredients of Lip Lock are Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide NP which help draw in and restore moisture.

  • Ingredient Enriched Lip Products: Choose lip products enriched with vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Candelilla Wax and Monk’s Pepper Berries Extract that will enhance the fullness and smoothness of your lips, promote skin health and hydration for your lips. I recommend:
A very light and pale pink image with the words CMYK’s no limits collagen lip gloss: shea butter and coconut oil and an image of 8 tubes of lip gloss

For a splash of color try CMYK Cosmetics No Limits Collagen Lip Gloss that are vegan, safe for sensitive skin and available in three shades: Gleam, Beam and Pinky.

A pink and white image with 7 shades of CMYK’s Limitless Vegan Lipsticks that says moisture packed, dermatologist tested, and free of harmful toxins and chemicals

Also, CMYK Cosmetics Limitless Natural Vegan Lipsticks are available in 7 shades. They are long-lasting lipsticks that deliver a deep color release.

Taking care of your lips is an essential part of your self-care and skincare routine. I hope I have given you a better understanding of the causes of dry, chapped lips. By implementing some preventive measures, you can maintain soft, healthy lips all year long.

Adding clean products into your lip care routine can provide what your lips require to stay hydrated and moisturized. With a combination of proper care and the correct products, you can say goodbye to dry, chapped lips and welcome smooth, luscious lips. Here’s a list of Ingredients to Avoid that can Harm your Skin!

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