Origami Owl Monthly Exclusives for October 2022

Origami Owl supports the two very important Awareness Months in October: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month + Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I’m positive we all know someone who has been affected by one or possibly, both. Every month, Think Goodness has a Monthly Exclusives for Customers!! This month, we have two! 

One of the Customer Exclusives for October 2022 is a “A Piece of My Heart” Pendant Necklace to commemorate the annual Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day on Saturday, October 15th. Another magnificent necklace curated by our founder, Bella is the gold ‘Overcome’ necklace. Bella and her husband have battled infertility for years and recently decided to adopt

a gold chain with the front and back of a pendant . the front has flowers and stars and the back has the word overcome and star. This overcome necklace is one of the monthly exclusives this month

If you or a loved one have lost a baby during pregnancy and/or infant death, this loss is unbearable and my heart breaks for you. What an incredible way to keep the memory of your angel baby with you. You have incredible strength to continue your journey and this “A Piece of My Heart” pendant necklace may empower you during your daily struggles.

A piece of my heart inscription heart necklaces on chains in gold, silver and rose gold

The following necklaces have been added to our Force for Good Shop as part of our October Monthly Customer Exclusive:

  • Silver “A Piece of My Heart Pendant Necklace with 18-20” Chain
  • Gold “A Piece of My Heart Pendant Necklace with 16-18” Chain
  • Rose Gold “A Piece of My Heart Pendant Necklace with 16-18” Chain
  • Black “A Piece of My Heart Pendant Necklace with 16-19” Chain

I know some friends that have suffered from this devasting loss on several occasions. It is so hard to know what to say or do. We can do our part and let them know we remember what they have lost by gifting them this necklace from our Force for Good Shop available for the month of October as part of our Exclusive. We also have a charm that represents Pregnancy Infancy Loss Awareness Ribbon Charm. 

We can’t forget the other critical awareness month, Breast Cancer

Awareness month and we have a special locket bracelet as part of our October Monthly Exclusives. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime and it’s the most common cancer amongst women worldwide.  Breast Cancer Awareness Day is October 13th. It is so prevalent these days and affects more people every single day.  It’s so frequent nowadays that we all know multiple people affected by this horrible disease.

When you spend $75 USD/$104 CAD, you will have the opportunity at check out to purchase our “She’s my Hero” Breast Cancer Awareness Living Locket Bracelet Gift Set which is our “Customer Exclusive for October 2022 using promocode:  TGBCA for $29 USD/$40 CAD. This exclusive is available for the month of October only, while promotional supplies last.

We have other special curated products in our Force for Good Shop for October that are a part of our Monthly Exclusives remember those in our lives that are fighting breast cancer.  It’s a way for them to know that they are certainly cared about.

A woman sitting holding willing beauty exfoliating body scrub

Let’s support our friends and family who continue to find the courage and strength to continue their journey with Breast Cancer or Pregnancy & Infant Loss with these marvelous products that are available as Origami Owl’s Monthly Exclusives for October 2022.

An image of CMYK LIP glosses in beam and gleam

Also, noteworthy to mention, if you are aware of someone that needs assistance due suffering from breast cancer or a pregnancy or infant lost, please help us to create a ripple effect of goodness and hope by nominating them on our Giving Goodness Foundation Website!

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My motto is “Never dull your Sparkle! Spread light, love and kindness! Remember, Goodness is Love in Action!”

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