Summer Jewelry Collection is the cure for the Summertime Blues

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Yesterday, June 20th, 2023 Origami Owl Custom Jewelry released its Summer Jewelry Collection. This collection is inspired by Summer Blues! Origami Owl Custom Jewelry has found the ‘cure for the summertime blues’ as mentioned in the song written by Eddie Cochran in 1958.

If you live where I am, this is the first nice day we’ve had in two weeks. We have had a ton of rain, drizzle, and fog so this collection released at the perfect time to brighten the mood. It hasn’t been very summer like, let alone spring weather.

As the sun came out yesterday, so did this collection and today is the first day of Summer, so it is perfect timing. Get ready to sparkle and shine with the stunning pieces in this Limited Edition Seasonal Collection.

This collection is all about your travel hopes, dreams and capturing your precious memories from all your past adventures and travels. Have you been to Greece, Italy, Morocco, Paris? If you have been or dream of going someday, this is the collection for you!

Living Locket for your Summer Jewelry Collection

2 white books with the Moroccan blue drop earrings and the sunburst Montana blue medium living locket which is a part of the origami owl summer jewelry collection

All your precious memories can be held close to your heart in an Origami Owl Living Locket. Summer is all about fun in the sun and feeling its warmth on your face. Our Montana Crystal Sunburst Living Locket is adorned with Montana Austrian Crystals you will be able to tell your personal story and design the look that means the most to you by adding charms you choose for your story and capture your memories.

Montana Blue is part of the Summer Jewelry Collection

A blue flower pot with Moroccan  drop earrings and a white book with the Montana blue baguette Bolo Bracelet

Let’s take flight and our first stop are these have Moroccan Austrian Drop Earrings with beautiful Montana Crystals. These Moroccan earrings have the right amount of movement and are so lightweight, you will forget you are wearing them. These will make a sparkling statement and definitely share your love of Morocco!

A white background with a pair of Montana blue imperial stud earrings And a Montana blue crystal necklace which is a part of the origami owl summer jewelry collection

Navy Blue is a staple color in most of our wardrobes. I am awestruck at these beautiful pair of Silver Montana Crystal Stud Earrings. The color reminds me of the Atlantic Ocean in Eastern Canada.  These can be paired with our Montana Crystal Pendant that catches the light with its blue hue to always have the ocean color nearby. These pieces will surely enhance any outfit in your wardrobe and effortlessly transition from casual to classy.

A white background with the Montana blue baguette Bolo Bracelet which is a part of the origami owl summer jewelry collection

Baguettes are a great memory of Paris if you’ve ever been there or baguettes can be a reminder on your wrist that you dream of going to Paris someday. This beautiful baguette Montana Baguette Bolo Bracelet can be an inspiration for you to strive for your dreams. With the bolo closure, it will fit any wrist. If you’re like me, you can make a complete arm party with your bracelets.

A silver pave Montana blue crystal ring which is a part of the origami owl summer jewelry collection

Accessorize your Montana crystals with our silver Pave Montana Crystal Ring and make a dazzling statement with the complete Montana Crystal set. The crystals on this ring capture the light with every movement so that it will dazzle and sparkle on your finger.

A background of London Bridge with the Montana blue signature living watch with charms: suitcase, world heart, wine glass, cross, airplane, wine and grapes, passport, double decker bus

Top the Montana look with this exquisite Navy Blue Signature Living Locket Watch featuring Montana crystals and a genuine leather watch band. Select charms that represent your past or future travels to customize this watch with your own meaningful story.

Tell your Story with Charms from our Summer Jewelry Collection

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry is all about storytelling and helping you tell your story. Let your dreams take flight with our unique Summer Collection of travel-themed charms or any of the 300+ charms we have available.  Our charms are lead-free and are hand-painted by skilled artisans. Some of our Summer Charms are:

Baguette – Cheese Board – Greek Salad – Wine + Grapes – Merlot Wine – Bougainvillea Flower – Celtic Cross – Sacred Heart – Pave Evil Eye – Greek Buildings – Eiffel Tower – Airplane – Gondola

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