Impressive Annual Collection of Living Lockets to tell your Story!

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Our Origami Owl Annual Collection 2022-2023 is called our and Basics Collection, Evergreen Collection. It has so many beautiful Living Lockets to tell your Story and also includes new, key pieces of jewelry. These are all featured in our current catalog which we call our ‘Take Out Menu’ – pieces you can order all year long! The staple product for Origami Owl started twelve (12) years ago with Living Lockets.

EVERY LOCKET TELLS A STORY!! Our Living Lockets are the heart and soul of the company. The Living Locket you create is meaningful, unique & customizable to YOU! Origami Owl jewelry is so special!!! We are not just another piece in your jewelry box!

Origami Owl rose gold round Living Locket

Have you ever had difficulty trying to find the perfect gift for someone on your gifting list? Me too! Prior to Origami Owl it was extremely hard for me to find gifts worth giving to the people that I love the most!!

Have you ever had difficulty trying to find the perfect gift for someone on your gifting list? Me too! Prior to Origami Owl it was extremely hard for me to find gifts to give to the people that I love the most or for myself.

What is your Living Locket style: Trendy, Vintage, Classic, Modern, or Unique?

Origami owl marcasite Living Locket, earrings and Bolo Bracelet

Trendy Hinged Living Lockets to tell your Story

Let us start with this Silver Deco Marcasite Living Locket, a very on-trend Living Locket which features forty-eight (48) Marcasite crystals. Do you know that Marcasite crystals are used for mediation, and they are associated with courage, balance, and wisdom?

If you love the unique shape of this Living Locket, you may also appreciate the Deco Marcasite Bolo Bracelet with thirty-six (36) crystals and the Deco Marcasite Stud Earrings with fifty (50) crystals that both have a rectangle shape and compliment the Silver Deco Marcasite Living Locket spectacularly.

Origami owl silver hoops, opal Living Locket and beaded bracelets

Vintage Hinged Living Lockets to tell your Story

Tell your meaningful story by adding charms to this beautiful Vintage Silver Rectangle Living Locket! The details on this Hinged Living Locket opens like a storybook! How amazing is that? This Living Locket includes thirty-six (36) clear crystals and four (4) gorgeous opals.

Do you adore opals? (I do!) Opals have always been associated with love and passion. When you wear an opal, it is said to bring loyalty and faithfulness. Is it your birthstone or the birthstone of someone on your gifting list?

Origami owl gold Medium Living Locket

Classic Hinged Living Lockets to tell your Story

Our Petite Gold Classic Quartz Crystal Living Locket might be our smallest Living Locket, but it speaks volume with its elegance! It has thirty-eight (38) exquisite gold Quartz crystals. . A Living Locket this size makes a fabulous layering piece with an Empowerment Necklace too!

You can select charms that represent part of your story or the story of someone you love (as it will make the perfect gift for anyone in your life). You can really make someone feel so special with a personalized gift.

A picture of empowerment rainbow jewelry that shows a gold locket and charms, rainbow baguette necklace and rainbow gold ring that has resilience written on it

Modern Hinged Living Lockets to tell your Story

If you prefer a simpler style, our hinged Modern Living Locket might be perfect for you with a choice of Silver or Gold, Medium or Large. You will love this Locket for everyday wear as it will go with your wardrobe whether you are wearing casual or dressy clothes.

This Locket is a sleek, dainty style with a gorgeous finish. All that is left for you to do is customize and personalize your Modern Living Locket with charms and stardust crystals.

an image of a womans neck wearing a silver birthstone bar locket with birthstones

Unique Hinged Living Lockets to tell your Story

The Birthstone Bar Living Locket is very unique with its slim bar design plus it has no glass! You can add up to seven (7) round genuine European birthstone crystals to show off your family and to keep them close to your heart or gift to someone you know and love. We partnered our classic bar Living Locket in this new exquisite setting for a showstopper bar necklace.

Birthstone Bar Living Lockets to tell your story in sliver with birthstones of the year

The Birthstone Bar Living Locket is one of our top-selling pieces and I am confident that you will agree. This Locket is another staple piece that you will wear often especially when you are indecisive as it goes with everything in your wardrobe

Origami Owl charms from annual collection

I hope you like the idea of using charms to help create a Living Locket for you, a family member, or a friend!! Choose charms that represent memories & all the things you love! 

(FUN FACT: Our charms are lead free and are hand-painted by skilled artisans)

 3 Origami Owl Living lockets with charms

Meaningful Jewelry built by you will be so intentional to remind you of the people and things that are important to you.

My motto is “Never dull your Sparkle! Spread light, love and kindness! Remember, Goodness is Love in Action!”

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