Inspirational Spring Jewelry of Hope from Origami Owl

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“Spring is in the Air” and one of the ways to prepare for the season is Inspirational Spring Jewelry. Many areas are seeing signs of Spring but winters are usually long and cold where I live.

I am always influenced and motivated when spring starts to appear with melting snow, fresh grass, flowers and warmer temperatures. To help with the long winter, I have been de-cluttering my house and I am determined that I will be 65% (sixty-five) complete by the time I can get outside and enjoy the nicer weather.

a selection of charms from origami owl spring collection

Inspirational Spring Jewelry

Every year Origami Owl releases a beautiful spring inspired collection. This year is no different from previous years and the collection is stunning.

Origami Owl’s spring collection is inspired by so much fun, with vibrant colors that reminds you of spring. This collection gives you feelings of hope, faith and perseverance. We have trendy new Living Lockets, fun charms, stylish earrings and empowering pieces to uplift you.

Inspirational Spring Jewelry that’s Trendy and Modern

Baguette Crystals are very fashionable this year so take your style up a bar with this new ‘Silver Vertical Bar Living Locket’ that has Baguette Crystals on the top and bottom.  Baguette Crystals are very modern and this Living Locket will become one of your go-to jewelry pieces that you wear often.

Silver vertical Living Locket with baguette crystals and silver geometric earrings with crystals from spring collection

If you love drop earrings, you’ll love these ultra-modern earrings that will pairs perfectly with the Baguette Crystal Vertical Bar Living Locket.

Inspirational Spring Jewelry represented by the Koi Fish

Let’s bring harmony and happiness together and complete the powerful energetic life force with the gold ‘Koi Fish Bolo Bracelet. This bracelet is one of our empowerment collection pieces and has the hidden message ‘Perseverance’ on it. Perseverance just happens to be my Word of the Year.

Woman wearing koi fish necklace in gold and a gold chain from spring collection

We even have a legendary ‘Koi Fish’ Pendant necklace to complete the look and give you additional courage and bravery when you need it most.

Inspirational Spring Jewelry symbolized by a Butterfly

Butterflies symbolize growth, change and new beginnings, such a great reminder of Spring. This butterfly necklace is also an empowerment collection piece and has the hidden message ‘Hope’ on the back of the butterfly. It’s adorned with sapphires and emeralds which are amazing.

To compliment the Butterfly Necklace are these stunning sapphire and emerald drop stud earrings. These kind of earrings are so popular in 2023.

Gold petite modern living Locket on chain with 3 charms; grandma, heart and butterfly. Small gold hoops

The Silver products are part of Drop 1 and released last week; Drop 2 are the gold products and releases February 9th, 2023 and Drop 3 is Coming Soon with more Inspirational Spring Jewelry and I can’t wait to show you so stay tuned!

Inspirational Spring Jewelry that is a Royal Growth

This Collection is all about Purple Velvet and and Growth! The color purple has long been associated with royalty and mystery. Purple has a very rich vibe and is so magical.

Purple shimmering accessories can add to every outfit in your wardrobe. It has become a versatile and staple color to add to your wardrobe and wear often.

A Lotus flower trusts the light and grows through all the dirt. A Lotus makes us want to believe in new beginnings. Spring is a new beginning with snow melting and new flowers and grass growth.

A Lotus is a flower that struggles like most of us, but it emerges strong, whole and beautiful. This Lotus Capsule Locket has hidden messages of ‘Peace’, ‘Patience’ and ‘Be Still’ which is so meaningful and can give you strength daily.

My motto is “Never dull your Sparkle! Spread light, love and kindness! Remember, Goodness is Love in Action!”

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