A Life-Changing Join Opportunity for our Think Goodness Family

A life-changing opportunity to join our Think Goodness family in the month of April! Let Your Luck and Life-changing journey begin! I am elated  to tell you about the Think Goodness Enrollment Incentive for April 2023!

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It would be phenomenal for you to share all the products you love plus earn commission at the same time! Doesn’t that sound amazing? Earn commission, feel a part of a special family and gain new friends at the same time!

Life-Changing Investment

This exceptional offer to become a Brand Ambassador and Purpose Partner for just $24 CAD/$17 USD!! Yes!! You read that correctly! It’s mind-blowing, I can assure you that Think Goodness will transform you and you will feel that you belong and have come home.

Let your luck begin with details of the life-changing join opportunity for March 2023

Life-Changing Welcome Pack

Here are more details on what’s included once you have joined our amazing community, which we call Family! The Life-changing ‘Welcome Pack’ (valued at over $259 CAD/$185 USD)

  • One (1) pair of Gold Clara Stud Earrings with Sunshine Delite Crystals
  • One (1) Gold Purpose Partner “Do Good Daily” Beaded Stretch Bracelets (Set of 2)
  • One (1) THE ONE AND ONLY Mascara
  • One (1) Limited Edition XO Coconut Lip Oil
  • One (1) ON THE GO Luxe Botanical Hand Cream
  • One (1) “progress, not perfection” Gold Bar Necklace 16-19″
  • Three (3) Willing Beauty Morning® Trio Sample Packettes
  • Three (3) 2022 Think Goodness Take Out Menus
  • One (1) Think Goodness Zipper Pouch
  • One (1) Think Goodness Sticker Pack (pack of 2)
  • One (1) BOOM Card Pack
  • One year of the TG Tech Suite (App, Online Shop and Virtual Office)
  • Referral code to give new customers special savings on their first purchase
  • Earning up to 35% commissions
  • 15% off promo code – which they’ll receive in their first Welcome email

All of the above for just $24 CAD/$17 USD, unbelievable! Almost too good to be true but Think Goodness is a Force for Good company that wants to reward and give back. Why not shop at a discount as a Brand Ambassador, Purpose Partner for all your upcoming personal and gifting needs?

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Earn More FREE with this Life-Changing Opportunity!

Additionally, you have the opportunity to earn: 

  • Achieve one hundred (100) personal volume in your enrollment month you  will earn DOUBLE your investment  back ($48 CAD/ $34 USD) with a product cash promo code.
  • Achieve two hundred and fifty (250) personal volume in your enrollment month, you will  earn a Vitrail Medium Earrings + Necklace Set (Retail Value: $92 CAD/$66 USD)

Become a Brand Ambassador – Purpose Partner with this life-changing opportunity

Hi! I am Colleen, a Brand Ambassador and Purpose Partner with Think Goodness. We were formally Origami Owl and encompassed the Origami Owl Family of Brands which included Origami Owl Custom Jewelry and Willing Beauty Skincare. Think Goodness launched as a Brand Collective in the Fall of 2021, and included our current brands; Origami Owl and Willing Beauty + plus we launched CMYK Cosmetics (a brand new innovative clean cosmetic brand) + Intuitiv Wellness (created by nervous system specialist, Dr. Jason Kolber – not yet available in Canada).

These four (4) are the pillar brands of Think Goodness and the foundation of who we are! This is such an incredible offer as you can grow with one, two or all our brands if you choose.

The goodness. We believe that doing good can literally change the world. It’s something to be shard. A chance to bring a smile to someone you’ve never even met before. A way to radiate goodness and spread happiness that can’t be ignored

Our Remarkable Founders

Our founders will welcome YOU, yes! each & every person that Joins Our Extraordinary Family At Think Goodness in April 2023 with open arms! Our founders know so many of us personally and care about all of us so much. They work so hard for their family of Brand Ambassadors daily.

I have received notes in my orders from founders and just a few months ago I had messages from a founder who wanted to ensure I was doing ok as Fiona had hit our province vigorously.

The Vision Of Think Goodness

Think Goodness’s Vision Statement and Core Values are held in high regard by all Brand Ambassador Purpose Partners, head office employees and our founders alike. To be a ‘Global Force for Good’ and ‘Pay it Forward’ is near and dear to all of us! We have launched a Giving Goodness Foundation that gives back all the time with every single order. 

I attended our Think Goodness Glow Convention in Phoenix, Arizona in July 2022 and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! The life-long friends I have made, the training, the inspiration, seeing our founders, our amazing speakers and the list goes on!! My favorite part of our Glow event was our Day of Goodness, through our Giving Goodness Foundation we purchased and packed over 6,000 boxes of groceries for families. Just so amazing, isn’t it?

Let your luck begin image with details of March 2023 join opportunity for $24 CAD or $17 USD

If interested, I would absolutely love to discuss this Life-Changing Offer with YOU to become a Brand Ambassador with Think Goodness! I am so happy to answer any questions you have if this opportunity sounds like it is something you would enjoy!

I would love to stay in touch with you! Click below so we can connect and learn more about each other!

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At Think Goodness, our Vision is to be a ‘GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD.’ We want to deliver random acts of goodness that bring joy and happiness to people. Every order equals a random Act of Goodness and I’d love for you to learn more about us!

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