Sparkle and Shine with a Stunning Leather Wrap Bracelet

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Every month, Think Goodness has a Customer Offer Special and for the month of July 2023 it is from Origami Owl Custom Jewelry. It’s a very stunning Silver Rectangle Living Locket and Leather Wrap Bracelet. Each month, the Customer Incentive is selected from one of our four (4) pillar brands (Origami Owl Custom Jewelry, Willing Beauty Skincare, CMYK Cosmetics or Intuitiv Wellness). 

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry is a unique, customizable way to capture your story and style with precious keepsakes. Origami Owl Custom Jewelry is known for its Living Lockets and Charms so that you are able to tell your story, your way. The concept of charms and Living Lockets is so meaningful to you as you create your Living Locket from start to finish. Each charm you choose has a special place in your heart and holds a different meaning than anyone else who may choose the same charm as you.

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Do you love bracelets and leather together? If you’re like me, you love all things about an arm party! The Origami Owl July Customer Incentive is our Silver Rectangle Bracelet Living Locket with Crystals and Black Leather Wrap.

Don’t you just love that this Living Locket Leather Wrap is different and the perfect compliment for your wrist? This style of bracelet is very on trend these days along with beaded stretch bracelets.

Details of the Leather Wrap Bracelet

A white background with July exclusive which is a black leather wrap bracelet with the silver rectangle locket and a hummingbird charm and Vitrail crystal

In July, when you or your customer spends over $75 USD/$105 CAD you can get a Black Silver Rectangle Living Locket® Leather Wrap Bracelet look for only $35 USD/$49 CAD when you use promo code: TGWRAP. The Retail Price of the Black Silver Rectangle Living Locket Leather Wrap Bracelet is $70 USD/$98 CAD, a savings of 50%!

This gorgeous Rectangle Living Locket and Black Leather Wrap will look stylish with anything in your closet!!  Pair your Leather Wrap Bracelet with a Crystal Bolo Tennis Bracelet, or 2 and some beaded stretch bracelets for my favorite layered look!! 

Bella is sitting sideways with her elbows on knees wearing a white long sleeve shirt wearing the origami Owl locket wrap bracelet, earrings and necklace

A perfect way to spice up your outfit is to personalize your Silver Rectangle Living Locket with charms selected by you! This Customer Incentive includes the Crystal Hummingbird Charm and Vitrail Light Fashion Birthstone Crystal. You can choose from any of our 350+ charms to capture your story. The versatility of Origami Owl’s Living Locket is you can change your charms anytime for special occasions, holidays and seasons! I really hope you love this idea.

Bella is front on looking sideways wearing a white long sleeve shirt wearing the origami Owl locket wrap bracelet, purple velvet Clara earrings and amethyst necklace

Any way you wear this Silver Rectangle Living Locket and Leather Wrap Bracelet, it will be stunning! This Bracelets will pair with any of our Earrings! If you’d like to view them, please click here!

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