What is Gofinity and Hairfinity Elite?

A blue green background with Gofinity products: curly and coily shampoo and conditioner, straight and wavy shampoo and conditioner, beautonic, several power shots to customize your shampoo and conditioner

The founder of GoFinity, Tymeka Lawrence had been years struggling with her own hair and started researching solutions for her own hair care problems.

How Gofinity and Hairfinity All Began

As a very young mother, growing up in poverty and low paying jobs, she had big dreams of having her own business someday. She embarked on researching clean, healthy hair care products. She discovered it was very difficult to find hair care products that contained safe, clean and effective ingredients.

Tymeka launched a website to try and help all women that had issues with their hair to guide them and inform them of tips to maintain happy, healthy hair.  An engineer by trade, Tymeka utilized her expertise and took matters into her own hands.  She decided to create hair care products that were natural, safe and clean. Her husband, Brock was her biggest supporter and immediately jumped onboard to help Tymeka reach her dream. From the onset Brock knew it was possible.  He took on extra jobs to get the funds to start their business.

In 2007, Tymeka’s dream became a reality and Hairfinity was born. Together, with their two daughters, Tymeka turned her dreams, goals and ideas into Hairfinity! Then something sensational happened! According to Tymeka, Hairfinity became loved by women all over the world! She was in awe of women telling her how Hairfinity had changed their lives.

Launching Gofinity and Hairfinity Elite

Multiple images of gofinity products in a collage. curly and coily shampoo and conditioner, straight and wavy shampoo and conditioner, a box of beau tonic and scalp stimulating elixer

Together as a family, they created formulas that were more effective than any other formulas they had previously developed  and Hairfinity Elite was launched in 2020. Then, this family working together in business, decided to create GoFinity and support the many women who were with them on their journey and give them a way to start their own business.

The Hairfinity Elite Collection and other Gofinity products are exclusively available only through Consultants and Ambassadors. July 21-22, 2023 is the official launch of Gofinity in the United States with more countries to follow in the coming months. All Gofinity products are safe, clean, effective and backed by Science so they’re healthier and better for you.

Gofinity Products

Gofinity Hairfinity Elite

An orange background with Gofinity products: curly and coily shampoo and conditioner, straight and wavy shampoo and conditioner, a box of beau tonic, several power shots to customize your shampoo and conditioner

Hairfinity Elite products include shampoos and conditioners that you choose based on your hair style.  The unique aspect of the Hairfinity Elite products is once you select your shampoo and conditioner, you can choose from nine Power Shots to customize your Hairfinity Elite Shampoo and Conditioner to you. 

It’s a simple process by taking our Hair Quiz, answering a few questions and your customized Hairfinity Elite Shampoo and Conditioner, along with recommended Hairfinity Elite Power Shots are available to you via email.

The Research and Development team design formulas with customers in mind so that customers meet their hair care goals. Research and Development are committed to staying on top of the ever-evolving ingredients in the beauty industry. Products are tested in-house, other third-party testing parties but never on animals.

a mirror with a pink bottle of Hairfinity Elite Scalp Stimulating Elixer reflecting in mirror

Another Hairfinity Elite Hair Care product is Scalp Stimulating Elixir that helps to nourish and stimulate your scalp to make it healthy.

an image of hairfinity elite beautonic daily supplement

Gofinity also has vitamin drinks which are a daily nutritional supplements packed with ingredients to give you great hair and helps to improve overall health. This product is called Beautonic and the equivalent product for men is Menfinity Gentonic.

Gofinity Wellfinity

an image of a bottle of Gofinity Wellfinity vitality gummies

Other products include our Wellfinity Supplements of Vegan Gummies to help support and maintain a healthy metabolism. Wellfinity Lipo Products include teas and coffees that support fat-burning functions. Two other Wellfinity products are Lipo Mino and Lipo Burn is designed help with healthy weight maintenance and to support your metabolism.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little about Gofinity, Hairfinity Elite and Wellfinity products that are about to launch in so many countries. I am so excited to be on this journey of happy, clean, safe hair care products and I hope you join me for all the awesomeness that’s about to come as I share so much more about Gofinity. Hair care, especially clean, natural products are an important part of my Self-Care!

I would love for you to try a sample, click here to complete the Hair Quiz and I will help you every step of the way. Thank you!

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