All the Colors of Fall Season 2023 in a Jewelry Collection

a rust brown color image with grid lines that says Origami Owl fall exclusives 2023 collection - drop 1

Do you love all the rich colors of the Fall Season? Autumn is my second favorite season of the year followed by summer. I adore all the changing colors of the fall season 2023 as they are so vibrant. I am not a big fan of the season that follows fall as winter is a long six months for us. Origami owl Custom Jewelry, a brand of Think Goodness just released Drop 1 of our Fall Collection and it is magnificent!

Rose Gold Jewelry for the Fall Season 2023!

a weaved background with the rose gold begin again leaf necklace with chain for fall season 2023

Have you ever wanted to begin again and start something over? One of my favorite collections is our empowerment collection and the fall season 2023 release has a beautiful rose gold Maple Leaf Pendant Necklace that is inscribed with ‘Begin Again’. This necklace would inspire and motivate you to begin again every morning.

a person's hand holding the rose gold begin again pendant necklace for fall season 2023. this is the back of the pendant

Sometimes our empowerment pieces (which includes necklaces, bracelets and rings) give us the courage and strength to do things we normally would be afraid to do. I find wearing an empowerment necklace or bracelet can sometimes give me the confidence I need to embrace the things I need to do just by touching it, looking in the mirror and seeing it and knowing I’m wearing it.

beach & moon background with white torn paper in middle and yellow flower that says Empowerment - the process of becoming stronger and more confident especially in controlling ones life is a self-care journey for a better you

Learn more about our Empowerment Collection that has so much special meaning and hidden messages just for you!

If you’re like me, you are passionate about Rose Gold Jewelry! It has been my favorite for many years even when I had a difficult time finding jewelry in the Rose Gold metal (long before it was popular). These three pieces have me yearning for the Fall Season 2023 Collection to arrive in my mailbox.

a round wooden plate with the rose gold pave link paperclip bracelet on it and the rose gold twist hoop earrings on the side for fall season 2023

I’m sure you have seen that paperclip chains are very on-trend these last few years and we are releasing a Rose Gold Pave Link Paperclip Bracelet, the world’s newest fashion statement. You can layer it with your other favorite bracelets for an arm party, dress it up with formal wear or dress it down with jeans.

A white background with rose gold leaves with the rose gold baguette vertical bar living locket set and the rose gold pave link paperclip chain bracelet for fall season 2023

This bracelet pairs perfectly with our Rose Gold Baguette Vertical Bar Living Locket that can hold charms to capture your meaningful story. You will be taking your jewelry up a bar when you wear this sophisticated Living Locket from our Fall Season 2023. I am sure most women wear earrings as a staple piece of their wardrobe and these Rose Gold Hoop Earrings are a must-have.

Chocolate Jewelry for the Fall Season 2023!

a picture of someone in a peach sweater holding the blushing fall twist living locket set with blushing fall stardust pack, white pumpkin harvest charm and 2 harvest corn charms for fall season 2023

I hope you are just like me and love chocolate especially the kind that doesn’t add calories, just adds spectacular sparkle. This collection includes a Large Chocolate Blushing Fall Twist Living Locket with gold and blush quartz crystals that will be an extraordinary metal color to wear and pair with the beautiful fall colors. Then you can add charms to tell your personalized story that is customized by you.

Another essential addition in your jewelry collection will be these Vintage Rose Clara Stud Earrings that have Austrian Crystals and are set in a chocolate basket. Our Clara Stud Earrings are one of the most popular items on our website.

In fact, Origami Owl Custom Jewelry is starting a Clara Club next month. There are many of us who are Clara Stud Earrings addicts and collect every pair that is released. The Clara earrings in the Clara Club will be exclusive and not available for purchase on the website. More details to follow!

a beige image that includes fall charms: white pumpkin harvest, pumpkin in a wagon, rooster, pink anemone flower, pig and piglet set, harvest corn, farm fresh, cut apple, cowgirl boot and cooper kettle for fall season 2023

Our Fall Exclusive Seasonal Collection is full of gourd-geous, on-trend and adorable charms too! I am sure you will FALL in love with it all.

Drop 2 is coming next week and I can’t wait to share the entire Fall Season Collection with you!

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