Embrace Fresh Beginnings with the Spring Collection 2024 from Origami Owl

A blue image with 3 initial pendant necklaces, a Y and C and the third showing the special empowering message that says 'I am beautiful, resilient, strong, enough and loved. the verbiage on the graphic says origami owl spring collection 2024

As the vibrant colors of spring start to emerge, there’s an obvious sense of renewal and revival in the air. If you’re like me, with the new growth of spring, you may tend to change your focus after winter and look for things to renew your spirit, self-care and inspiration.

Captivating Spring Collection 2024

Let’s embrace fresh beginnings with Origami Owl’s Spring Collection 2024. Our personalized jewelry unveils a captivating Spring Collection 2024 that represents the essence of new beginnings, self-love, and joy.

Every piece of Origami Owl’s jewelry helps to tell your story that is unique to you. This collection serves as a reminder of embracing life’s journey with wide open arms. The Spring Collection from Origami Owl is more than just a series of accessories; it’s a celebration of personal growth, self-esteem and empowerment.

a light purple graphic with spring 2024 collectible charms such as: crystal purple butterfly, pink larkspur flower, pink carnation, white lilac, heart cross, cinnamon roll, measuring spoons, cmyk lipgloss, cmyk lipstick and dragonfly

At the heart of this collection lies the theme of new beginnings. Just as spring is the season of warmer weather and blooming flowers, Origami Owl’s designs symbolize the opportunity for fresh starts and endless possibilities. Whether it’s a delicate butterfly charm that represents your transformation or a dainty pendant necklace symbolizing your growth, each piece serves as a gentle reminder to embrace change and welcome new chapters.

Seize One Day at a Time with our Spring Collection 2024

a woman's hand wearing our 'one day at a time' birthstone ring with a blue sapphire in ring. the stones are interchangeable as a new product in origami owls spring collection 2024

Let’s live in the moment and get through each day with confidence by wearing our Birthstone Ring that is delicately inscribed underneath with the phrase “One Day at a Time”. Such an empowering message for you to celebrate every day.

The stone of the ring is interchangeable as the stones in the ring can be changed to match your outfit of the day. The ring comes with one clear crystal and is compatible with all our birthstone and fashion round crystals. Such a versatile piece of jewelry that will motivate you all the time.

The Spring Collection also strengthens the importance of self-love and acceptance. Today’s world often dictates unrealistic standards of beauty and perfection. I encourage you to celebrate your unique qualities and embrace any flaws you feel you have. Remember, we are all beautiful!

The spring collection features empowering messages engraved on necklaces, pendants and rings, serving as daily affirmations of self-worth, optimism, possibilities and resilience.

Empower Self-Love with our Spring Collection 2024

a picture of a woman's neck wearing a white blouse and our gold initial pendant necklace with the letter 'M' and wearing a second one with the back of the initial pendant that says 'I am beautiful, resilient, strong, enough, loved

Initial pendants are very trendy these past few years so Origami Owl has created a classy gold initial pendant with a personal message just for you. This pendant necklace will help motivate you to tackle each day with the empowering and positive message engraved on the back that says: “I am Beautiful, Resilient, Strong, Enough, Loved”.

This message will nourish your soul and remind you that you can achieve anything that you set out to do!

Open your Heart with our Spring Collection 2024

a picture of our founder, Bella Weems-Lambert wearing a light blue v-neck shirt and she's wearing our spring collection 2024 'keep your heart open' heart pendant necklace and the just love heart ring

Sometimes it can be difficult for us to open our hearts and let people into our confidence especially if you have had your faith in someone challenged over the years. You can improve your belief in our world and be empowered by our Heart Pendant Necklace that is engraved on the back with “Keep Your Heart Open”. This pendant can be your constant reminder to open your heart so you can live your best life.

a light pink image with white on 2 sides and gold lines. two hearts in the middle have the back of the gold products to show you the inscription the necklace says 'keep your heart open' and the ring says 'just love'

Pair your Heart Pendant Necklace with our Gold Heart Ring that is inscribed with “Just Love” on the band. Love comes in all forms and no matter what you may encounter, this ring can be your empowerment and strength.

a light purple image with the silver padlock living locket necklace with crystal purple butterfly charm and silver teardrop drop earrings

Origami Owl is well renowned for its delicate charms to add to your Living Locket to tell your story. While we adore our classic round Locket, we have created on-trend and classy shapes and sizes such as a heart shape, oval shape and the very popular padlock. There is a Living Locket to suit your style and your charms that can be symbols of hope, growth and beauty.

With this Spring Collection 2024, let your story be told and find solace in the promise of brighter days ahead as we navigate through life’s journey. The fresh embrace of Spring brings us the reminders of new beginnings, self-love, confidence and joy. If you would like to read more about our Empowerment Collection, click the button below.

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