Captivating 2023 Fall Jewelry Trends with Gold and Silver Tones

A beige image covered in sunflowers that says Origami Owl Fall exclusives 2023 collection-drop 2

If you’re like me, Summer is your favorite season! I love all that summer has to offer especially since we have such a short summer where I live. The summer sunshine can bring you so much happiness and joy.

Origami Owl Fall Jewelry Trends include Gold and Sunshine

an off white background with beige foliage and the Origami Owl Sunflower Capsule locket

You can carry a little piece of your own sunshine with you wherever you go with this gleaming Gold Sunflower Capsule Locket. (A capsule locket doesn’t open like our Living Lockets). The Sunflower Capsule Locket features a Bee Charm, Honeycomb Charm and Stardust Crystals. A must for bee and sunflower lovers!

an off white image with some beige foliage showing the Origami Owl Sunflower Capsule Locket and the Sunflower and Bee Drop Earrings

If you adore the Sunflower Capsule Locket, you will love these Gold Sunflower and Bee Drop Earrings. Let the bees dance for joy on your ears and embrace nature with these precious bees as they are endangered and bee populations have been declining globally.

An off white image with beige foliage with our fall jewelry trends sunflower and bee drop earrings

Sunflowers represent Loyalty and Strength which are both important qualities to have in our daily lives.

Origami Owl Fall Jewelry Trends with Silver, Love and Baguettes

A picture of a woman with long dark hair wearing Origami Owl Flat Snake Chain and Crystal Padlock Living Locket Necklace

Around the world, I’m sure you have seen many bridges, fences and gates with a Padlock of Love which is a symbol of love between a couple. Now you can wear a symbol of your love with a Crystal Padlock Living Locket Necklace which has been very on-trend in recent years. Protect your meaningful love story with this Living Locket and the charms you choose for your story.

an image of a woman's neckline wearing the crystal padlock living locket necklace and a necklace with crystal dangles

This glistening Padlock Living Locket has crystals adorning the top and bottom of the padlock and is attached to a stylish 20-22 Large Link Chain. The Padlock Living Locket can be customized for you as you can add 3-5 charms to share your personal story.

 a white background with some green leaves and sunflower petals with the flat snake change and baguette mini hoop earrings

Flat Snake Chains are extremely trendy and are a symbol associated with health, transformation, wisdom and power. This classy necklace became prominent in the early 1920s-1930s and is a popular fashion accessory.

a white background with a white dish showing the flat snake chain, crystal padlock living locket necklace and baguette crystal mini hoop earrings

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry Seasonal Exclusive Fall Collection includes a Silver Flat Snake Chain that looks so elegant! You will love to wear this 18-20” chain every day.  It will become a staple piece of your jewelry collection and complement your wardrobe as your best chain for your fall jewelry trends.

a white background with a beige fall leaf, an off white turntable with the baguette crystal mini hoop earrings.

Baguette Crystals were created by a diamond cutter in France who thought they looked like a baguette loaf of bread and that’s how they got their name. I am really excited about our new Silver Baguette Crystal Mini Hoop Stud Earrings. 

I have these in Gold and love to wear them. They are so comfortable! You don’t realize you are wearing them. These Baguette Stud Earrings will elevate your fashion statement and are a must for your fall jewelry trends!

Origami Owl Fall Jewelry Trends have Gourd-geous Charms

an off white image with light beige borders and 2 frames trimmed in brown of the bee hive and magnolia charms

Drop 2 of the Origami Owl Exclusive Fall Collection featured 2 new charms:

  • Gold Bee Hive Charm
  • Cream Magnolia Charm

Plus a few Back from the Vault Charms:

  • Pumpkin Spice on the Go Charm
  • Fall Sunflower Charm
  • Pumpkin in a Wagon Charm
  • Acorn Sparkle Charm
  • Muted Fall Leaves Set (of 3)

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry 2023 Fall Exclusives Collection is full of gourd-geous pieces and all of it is unbe-leaf-ably stunning that you will totally FALL in love and want it all. You can find our Fall Exclusives Drop 1 by clicking here.

Fall is such a spectacular season of the year to remind us of change, growth and new beginnings. You can represent this season with your personal Origami Owl Jewelry!

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