Enhance your Hair Care System with a Beautonic Supplement

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I am such a huge advocate of Self-Care. You need to take care of you and be the best version of you first, so that you can bring harmony to your life for family, friends and business. For me, part of my daily self-care is using healthy, safe products. Recently, I was introduced to a clean hair care system that includes a supplement called Hairfinity Elite Beautonic.

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The products you use, how you wash and condition your hair, what your body consumes all work together so that you have healthy, shiny hair. Building a Daily Personal Self-Care Routine takes a commitment from you everyday. Some of my self-care habits include twice-daily skincare, cholesterol lowering foods and drinks, reading, Yoga 3 times a week, Hairfinity Elite hair care products and my Daily Hairfinity Elite Beautonic Supplement.

Hairfinty Elite Haircare Products are unique as they can be customized to you for your own personal hair care needs. If you would like to learn more about Hairfinity Elite, click here!

What is Hairfinity Elite Beautonic?

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Hairfinity Elite Beautonic is a daily nutritional supplement that is packed with incredible ingredients that work from within your body. Beautonic helps to nourish and fuel your hair, skin, nails and body for healthy results. Most beauty products work on the surface of your skin only.

Your hair can be healthy by using Hairfinity Elite shampoo, conditioner and power shots plus adding Hairfinity Elite Beautonic! The shampoo, conditioner, power shots, elixir work on the surface of your scalp and hair while Hairfinity Elite Beautonic is a daily dietary supplement that has the following key ingredients:

a pink image of a glass of raspberry Hairfinity Elite Beautonic with a sachet by the side of the glass and a beautonic packet being poured in.
  • 12 Amino Acids – these are the building blocks of keratin protein which is a key basic material for your hair, nails and skin. Amino Acids are known for making your hair stronger.
  • 56 Superfood Extracts – these come from fruits and vegetables that may clear toxins from your body and support your immune system. Superfood Extracts are beneficial for your health and well-being.
  • Collagen Peptides – are very small pieces of protein that build in your skin and might help to improve some skin and joint conditions. Collagen Peptides are shown to increase your body’s hair building proteins. They may also hydrate and plump your skin which aids to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • 76 essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals – have been shown to support your overall health.

How does Hairfinity Elite Beautonic work?

a light image with white dishes showing a container of hairfinity elite beautonic and a glass of beatonic. It's a red liquid with a straw in the glass and half a strawberry on the rim

Hairfinity Elite Beautonic Elite comes in a beautiful pink and ombre color container that has 30 sachets, a full month’s supply. There are 2 flavors of Beautonic and a Gentonic:

  • Raspberry
  • Peach
  • Menfinity Gentonic (for men)

It is suggested that you have 1 daily serving of Hairfinity Elite Beautonic. Stir and mix the sachet into a glass of water, smoothie, juice or any other beverage you know that you’re having that day (do not use as a meal replacement).

By choosing Beautonic you are helping your body do what is best for your hair, nails, skin and overall health. These power sachets are loaded with good ingredients that targets your hair with nutrients that you need. A fabulous multi-vitamin for you that I know you will agree that it tastes amazing.

a light image of a container of Hairfinity Elite Beautonic with the cover off showing the sachets of Beautonic

Hairfinity Elite Beautonic is created with you in mind. It is formulated so that you can look good you’re anything like me, it can be very overwhelming trying to review and choose the best products for you.

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