Red Baguettes Capture the Spirit of the Holidays with Origami Owl

a red background with a round white plate showing the siam baguette tennis bracelet, siam crystal baguette locket and fierce baguette pendant necklace

The Holiday Season is never complete for me until Origami Owl Custom Jewelry releases its highly anticipated Holiday Collection for 2023. I anxiously await the arrival of the collection just like a child going to bed on Christmas Eve.

This collection is a dazzling array of jewelry adorned with red baguettes just for you. This exquisite collection embraces the spirit of the holidays in every piece. Origami Owl, known for its unique, meaningful and customizable jewelry, has outdone itself this year, with a touch of magic, elegance, and the warmth of the holiday spirit.

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry is all about personalized jewelry to tell your story, your way. Our holiday collection goes beyond accessories; it wraps all your emotions, traditions, and meaningful connections that make the holiday season special.

Red Baguettes Living Locket

a red background with a persons hand and a babys hand holding a siam crystal baguette locket with holiday charms

This Medium ‘Siam Crystal Baguette Locket’ is a meaningful and personalized gift or just for you to treasure. These Siam Baguette Crystals adds a festive touch thus making it an ideal choice for the holiday season. Whether you choose charms to represent your family, love, special memories or holidays charms, it will be a cherished keepsake.

Red Baguettes Tennis Bracelet

a lady's face in a red v-neck sweater wearing the siam baguette tennis bracelet, fierce baguette pendant necklace and siam drop earrings. all red baguette crystals

One of the standout pieces in this collection is the ‘Silver Fancy Red Baguette Tennis Bracelet’ that combines the classic elegance of a tennis bracelet with the vibrant glamor of red baguette crystals. Each red baguette, with its rectangular shape, adds a touch of sophistication and drama to the bracelet. This bracelet will catch your eye and adds elegance to your arm party. Red baguettes evoke passion and energy making it a statement accessory for this holiday season. This timeless bracelet is a symbol of confidence and grace.

Red Baguettes Necklaces

Origami Owl’s design team has truly outdone themselves with these two Baguette Necklaces; ‘Fierce Baguette Pendant Necklace’ and the ‘Siam Baguette Bolo Necklace’. You can make a huge statement with either of these necklaces.

The sensational Siam Baguette Bolo Necklace features a 14-24” adjustable chain so you can choose the length depending on your outfit. Isn’t it a luxurious necklace to wear this holiday season?

The Baguette Pendant Necklace is delicately inscribed with the word ‘Fierce’ on the tag near the clasp. Such a very empowering word for all of us that are fierce as we tackle each day. Origami Owl’s Empowerment Collection has different messages hidden on each piece and only you are aware of the special meaning to you. Show your confidence and grace with this delicate Siam Baguette Pendant Necklace.

Red Baguettes Ring

a red back ground with white snowflakes and a round platter showing the siam crystal baguette locket, fierce baguette pendant necklace and siam crystal pave ring. All adorned with red baguettes

The Siam Crystal Pave Ring with sparkling baguettes is a stunning piece of jewelry that is a classic design. This elegant ring features a brilliant array of Siam crystals set in a pave style. Wearing this ring will create a dazzling sparkle on your finger and add a touch of glamour to your wardrobe.

Red Baguettes Earrings

the side of a womans head showing the siam drop crystals with a red baguette

Earrings are an accessory I must wear every single day. Do you? They are the perfect piece of jewelry to complete your outfit. Origami Owl’s Holiday Collection includes these ‘Siam Drop Earrings,’ that combines dazzling red baguettes with silver accents. These earrings are a 2-in-1 as you can take the Siam Drop off and just wear the silver mini hoops.

This collection is designed with you in mind and beautifully captures the spirit of the holiday season. The choice of red baguettes is very meaningful as they symbolize love, joy and the warmth of family and friends gathered around.

Red is considered a color of luck, love, and celebration so this collection is the perfect choice for the most wonderful time of the year to embrace the spirit of the holidays. Let your jewelry do the talking as you adorn your Origami Owl 2023 Holiday Collection.

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